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Creating a Masterpiece Arms BA Rifle Takes Time and Craftsmanship

Get an in-depth look at the creation of a Masterpiece Arms BA rifle from inception, tooling, bench work, and the live fire check for quality standards at the range.

MasterPiece Arms creates a premium tactical bolt-action in the Masterpiece Arms BA rifle and it is clearly shown in the amount of care, machining, and bench work that goes into each gun in this video of their Georgia factory process.

That’s an impressive build that tracks the production right from engineering to the final product. By merging technology with craftsmanship at the bench, this is one superior American gun company.

There is a reason Masterpiece Arms is becoming of the more well-known players in precision rifle production in the U.S. They are also one of the few gunmakers that produce almost all of their own components for guns in-house.

Rooted in Georgia, the attention to detail in each firearm is focused and tuned into what consumers and shooting enthusiasts enjoy. It is informational videos like this that enlighten users, both new and old, to the interesting machinery that is utilized in firearm-making.

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Creating a Masterpiece Arms BA Rifle Takes Time and Craftsmanship