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How to Create Your Own Reproduction Bass Mount

Here's how to create a reproduction bass mount of your trophy fish.

Bass fishing season is here. It's time to dust off the old rod and reel and organize your tackle box. Right now that state record bass is swimming around just waiting for you to set the hook. When it happens you'll want to have a nice reproduction bass mount made to display your trophy fish.

In this video, expert fish taxidermist, Rick Leach, shows us how to create your own reproduction bass mount. Whether you're an inspiring fish taxidermist, or just an avid bass angler, this video is for you.

So before you start hammering those bass let's learn how to mount one.

Here's four benefits of getting a reproduction bass mount vs. a regular skin mount:

  1. More control over the type of mount
  2. Longer lasting
  3. No shrinkage
  4. More realistic look

Let your journey for that state record bass begin!


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How to Create Your Own Reproduction Bass Mount