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How to Create a Micro Food Plot for Deer in the Fall [VIDEO]

food plot

Building a micro food plot is relatively quick and easy, and can produce results this fall!

Midwest Whitetail shows us how to create a small and affordable food plot with limited space and resources.

This is pretty slick. And it just goes to show, you don’t need a ton of land in order to start improving deer habitat on your property.

The fact that a micro food plot can be set up late in the summer or early fall is a another plus. You can start work on your property right now to reap the benefits in the fall.

I love the simplicity of it. It doesn’t require a lot of expensive farm equipment and time. Anyone can do it!

This might also be a good way for those with existing larger food plots to augment their property.

As the video states, create one of these micro plots to make a small safe zone for the deer to hit on their way to a larger food source. A micro-plot may help with larger plots where deer have become a bit wary from over-hunting.

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How to Create a Micro Food Plot for Deer in the Fall [VIDEO]