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How to Create a Coffee-Stained European Skull Mount

US Skull Hunter

Here's another reason why coffee is an amazing thing.

European skull mounts are classic, timeless, and look great just about everywhere that you could possibly hang one. Although, it's hard to stand apart from the rest of the skulls around the world when they all have the same look.

Check out what US Skull Hunter did to make his European skull mount take on a look of its own.

That was an awesome video and one sweet looking skull mount. If Forrest Gump were here, he might agree with me when I say that coffee and skulls go together like peas and carrots!

european skull mount
Northeastern Bowhunter

If you're interested in doing a skull mount but want to speed up the process, be sure to check out the products from Mountain Mike's Reproductions. Instead of having to boil and clean the flesh from skulls, you can simply take your antlers, drill a couple of pilot holes and attach to a replica white skull that looks incredibly real. They even include a small bottle of gap filler to make everything look flawless.

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How to Create a Coffee-Stained European Skull Mount