Crazy Video Shows Why You Should Buy A Fostech Origin 12 Shotgun For Home Defense
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Crazy Video Shows Why You Should Buy A Fostech Origin 12 Shotgun For Home Defense

Imagine this. Someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night. They turn the corner, and hell rains down on them. Sure you may turn your living room into a warzone, but it's hard to argue that the Fostech Origin 12 shotgun isn't effective.

Just check out this video below. It looks like something out of The Expendables. If you're in the market for something with a lot of stopping power, then you can't go wrong with the Fostech Origin 12 shotgun. The gun also overcomes one of the pitfalls of shotguns, which is their slow shot time and need for reloading.

While the camera doesn't show the aftermath, I would think there's nothing left after that many shots.

Buy Your Fostech Origin 12 Here

According to the Fostech Origin 12 website, "Taking advantage of our patented infinite gas system, 3 point operational finger position, and quick charge barrel system, the shotgun is sure to pack quite the punch. Whether for home defense, or some fun downrange."

It continued, "All Origin Shotguns include a five-round magazine and hard case, are threaded for salvo suppressor (Saiga adapter required from SilencerCo), and make use of a Picatinny rail system. They have a smooth bore barrel (not rifled) and a muzzle thread with specifications of M22 X .75 -6G."

Here are the dimensions for the gun as well:


Gauge: 12
Barrel Length: 9.75?
Overall Length Collapsed: 28?
Overall Length Extended: 31.25?
Overall Length Folded: 21?
Shell Length: 2 3/4? ONLY
Weight: 9 lb 2 oz

You can purchase the gun here. However, there's a couple of things worth noting if you're on the fence. Right now, the Fostech Origin 12 is on backorder. The manufacturer needs six to eight months to get you your shogun. Additionally, be prepared to fork over $3,0000 for the gun. But what's a price when it comes to peace of mind.

Others have thought about using semi-automatic shoguns for home safety. On Reddit, several people preferred the semi when it comes to keeping their loved ones safe. One wrote, "When you say range, are you thinking trap or skeet? I would take semi over pump for those." Another wrote, "Semi. Zero chance of accidentally short stroking the pump and jamming it up. Just aim and shoot like an AR or a pistol."