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Crazy Survival Axe is Awesomely Versatile

The Zubin Survival Axe ends the search for the apocalypse tool of choice.

Spear a boar? Check. Spear a fish? Check. Walking Stick? Check. Defend yourself against a clutch of Werewolves? CHECK.

So we're not gonna say that the Zubin Survival Axe is the BEST survival axe out there.

But what it IS is a giant, crazy, spear/axe/slingshot hybrid that makes our inner caveman giggle with glee. Or grunt, probably. You know, whatever.

The Axe is a survival pole with 4 interchangeable heads to meet all your bush-whacking needs.

First comes the pole, a 5.5 foot hickory stick, a very, very, strong wood with interchangeable head receiver on the top.

1) AXE me no questions


The Axe attachment is pretty spear-like, but can also be detached and used as a hatchet, to make short work of kindling and logs for your werewolf-repelling campfire.

2) SPEAR me the details


The Spearhead is pretty cool- made from 440 carbon spring-steel, and a large, awesome looking flat blade. Word's out on if it's laced with silver. For the werewolves.

3) FISH-SPEAR me... it's a spear for fish


The fishing spear is made of the same stuff, but thinner and double pronged, much like the fishing spears used by the Kayan tribes of Borneo. Or if, you know, you wanna spear 2 werewolves at the same time.

4) There's no pun we can think of for SLINGSHOT either


There's also a slingshot attachment, presumably so you can hunt small game, or potentially werewolves that are staying out of range of your spear.

5) I SAW me some werewolves (still got it)


And finally, last but not least, is the saw attachment, for when you need to chop werewolves up into smaller pieces so they don't regenerate.

So, all in all, pretty cool, and for a total of $320 for all the attachments it's a deal if you're worried about getting attacked by werewolves. Just looking to do some hunting/backpacking? Well, there may be some cheaper options.

So what do you think, must-have survival tool against the forces of darkness? Or really, really pricey walking stick? Let us know in the comments below.

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Crazy Survival Axe is Awesomely Versatile