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Crazy Slug Design: The Bomber Slug

Want proof that boys never truly grow up? Here it is: the Bomber Slug.

It is what the name implies, a shotgun slug that looks like a bomb you’d see dropping out of the sky with an ACME sticker slapped on hurtling toward Wile E. Coyote.

Timothy Hamilton is no stranger to experimental shotgun slug concepts. His YouTube channel is mostly filled with unorthodox designs. If you have a couple hours to spare, go ahead and follow that rabbit trail.

For now, watch as he marries an 1144 high strength steel face with an aluminum body to create his latest design.

Aside from the trance-inducing video of his CNC machine, what do you think of the Bomber Slug design? Will it fly straight? Will it shoot consistently? How much damage will it do?

Timothy promises to test out these rounds on some ballistics gel…but hasn’t gotten to it yet. Stay tuned so when he does, we can see how effective these little guys are!


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Crazy Slug Design: The Bomber Slug