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Crazy Ocean Whirlpool Defies Nature [VIDEO]

The whirlpool in this video is a stunning example of the power held by nature.

We have all seen a whirlpool in our drains at home, but few of us have probably seen an actual ocean whirlpool in person.

While they are not usually as destructive and terrifying as the movies would have us believe, a whirlpool is not something to be taken lightly on the open water.

Even the most powerful of swimmers can be dragged beneath the surface for good.

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You can see from the video how a whirlpool acts under the surface of the water.

It is really cool footage but definitely not something you should ever attempt on your own. Stick to watching videos like this on the internet to get your fill of whirlpools instead!

And definitely don’t try to fish in one!

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Crazy Ocean Whirlpool Defies Nature [VIDEO]