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Crazy Nebraska Deer Drives on Public Land Yield Big Bucks [VIDEO]

Watch as things get wild on these crazy Nebraska deer drives.

The guys from Whitetail Adrenaline are chasing public land whitetails in the Cornhusker state. The hunt goes from scary to successful, and they're able to tag some nice bucks.

Watch the video to see if you've ever participated in any deer drives as crazy as these.

Holy crap! Those were some crazy deer drives.

For those who have never tried this method of whitetail hunting, deer drives are conducted by a group of hunters working together. "Drivers" move through cover that is believed to hold deer, while "watchers" are posted at the most likely escape routes.

Where I live in Pennsylvania, the tactic generally produces does and young bucks, which is great if you are looking to fill the freezer. However, in certain areas of the Midwest, where cover is sparse and fragmented, deer drives can be deadly for big bucks.

Add that to the fact that Nebraska's rifle season starts on November 14 (peak breeding season) and you'll understand why these hunters were so successful.

Whitetail Adrenaline films all their hunts on public land. So if these crazy deer drives look like fun to you, get together with some buddies and plan your own trip to Nebraska.

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Crazy Nebraska Deer Drives on Public Land Yield Big Bucks [VIDEO]