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Crazy Middle-Eastern Grenade Fishing [VIDEO]

Grenade fishing is, well, just what it sounds like.

No, this isn’t really fishing. But it’s supposedly a “grenade fishing” video from theofu on YouTube.

I like grenades. I like fish. But yeesh. Talk about live bait.

WARNING: There’s some strong language in the video. Viewer discretion advised.

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We’re by no means supporting or suggesting this kind of fishing, if you can even call it that. No, we’ll need to think of a different name. A true sportsman, one that cares about conservation of the environment and outdoor sports heritage, wouldn’t ever dream of doing something to dumb.

Oh well, it made for a weird video and a giant underwater explosion. We’re making no assumptions about the folks in the video, there’s no little information to go on that we’ll just take it for what it is, a ridiculous YouTube video.

What do you think, should this type of behavior be punished, or were they just trying to catch some easy dinner?

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Crazy Middle-Eastern Grenade Fishing [VIDEO]