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Crazy Marlin Fishing On a Surfboard [VIDEO]

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It may be a bit theatrical, but there’s no doubt catching a marlin off a surfboard is hardcore, dangerous fishing.

The Ultimate Fishing Show host Matt Watson continued his unusual series of stunt fishing events when he hooked, fought and “landed” a large marlin from a surfboard.

Watson and his team were marlin fishing off Whangaroa, in northwest New Zealand, when they hooked the fish. They estimated it weighed in the neighborhood of 275 pounds.

Watson sat astride his surfboard while a boat towed him, as well as some teaser lures to try to entice any marlin in the area. He spotted a marlin following the teasers and quickly cast a jack mackerel bait.

The game fish took the bait and off it went, towing Watson on his board for 90 minutes and over 11 kilometers.

Things got a bit hairy as Watson brought the still-fighting marlin to the board in order to tag and release it. He almost got pulled in by the fish, and he admitted it took a lot of effort to maintain control of the situation.

“Hanging onto the board with my legs and staying upright was the hard part,” he said. “It was all good when the fish was pulling away from me with some angle on the line, but the last 20 minutes or so, when it was digging down, was the toughest part.”

Unhooking the big fish was too dangerous, so Watson decided to cut the line to release it.

Call it a stunt or gimmick, but marlin fishing from a surfboard makes for exciting television. Watson also deserves a tip of the hat for bringing awareness to issues of ocean and fishery conservation with his wild and dangerous fishing stunts.

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Crazy Marlin Fishing On a Surfboard [VIDEO]