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Crazy Kayaker Attempts to Hand-Feed a Bull Shark [VIDEO]

So you're kayaking around the ocean and notice a shark following you. How about trying to hand-feed a bull shark?

Sure, that sounds like a great idea. Just slice open that almaco jack you caught earlier and drop it over the side of your plastic boat to hand-feed a bull shark.

Wait, don't forget to turn on the camera.

That's what this angler decided to do a few days ago and he's getting a mixed reaction online. Check out the video and see if you think it was ballsy or just plain stupid.

At least he did have one friend with him. That way, if the shark, or other sharks, would have dragged him into the ocean there would have at least been someone there to run the camera and capture the rest of this slightly suicidal stunt.

After having the shark latched on a few times he accidentally, and probably fortunately, drops his bait.

Then he can be heard saying "That was sketchy!"

You think?

Granted the shark is no monster, probably only a six- or seven-footer. The poster listed it as a bull shark, and the guys can be heard saying bull shark on the video, but I'm not sure it's a bull.

Nevertheless, kids, please don't try this on the water.

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Crazy Kayaker Attempts to Hand-Feed a Bull Shark [VIDEO]