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Crazy Japanese Kid Uses Homemade Toothbrush Gun [VIDEO]

A Japanese kid decides to clean his teeth by attaching it to a gun. His reaction to his homemade toothbrush gun is priceless.

Some people have way too much time on their hands, but you have to admit the daily task of brushing one’s teeth is not the most exciting.

This young Japanese kid clearly thought the same and set about making daily chores more exciting by attaching his blue toothbrush to the slide of his pistol.

What could possibly go wrong with a toothbrush gun?

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His reaction is priceless as his facial expressions and exclamations give a clear indication that his pistol packed more of a punch than he was expecting.

Let’s hope he didn’t lose any teeth in the process with his toothbrush gun.

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Crazy Japanese Kid Uses Homemade Toothbrush Gun [VIDEO]