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Crazy Hunter Kills Charging Boar with a Spear

charging boar

Running for your life is the typical human reaction to a charging boar. This guy must not have gotten that memo!

This video, posted by Jordi Faba on Facebook, starts off with a bang. As soon as the video begins, you notice a hunter… and a really ticked-off boar charging right for him. As the boar goes in for the kill, it finds the hard end of the hunter’s spear. Raw fear and adrenaline must be what this guy lives for.

Warning! Some viewers may find this video disturbing.

With the increased popularity of spear hunting, it is no wonder these types of videos are becoming more sensational.

All I know is, if that hog had come at me like that, I would have been up one of those trees faster that you can imagine. This guy has some serious confidence in his spear hunting skills.

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Crazy Hunter Kills Charging Boar with a Spear