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Crazy Grocery Store Bait Challenge, Saltwater Edition

grocery store bait challenge

Looks like your next surf fishing bait could be just down the next aisle.

So, you know you can catch fish with grocery items. (If not check out the Walmart Bait Challenge). But what about the salt water anglers? Check the video below for some ideas.

Moral of the story: use meat. Chicken thighs seemed to work best in this video. The next most important thing was apparently Purell. I don’t use it or worry that much about my hands getting dirty, personally.

The fish seemed to hit quickly as well. Sounds like chicken should be added to any saltwater trip. Worse case even if you don’t catch anything you have dinner already picked out just fire up the grill. If you have luck like in this video try out some surf and turf.


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Crazy Grocery Store Bait Challenge, Saltwater Edition