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Crazy Gobbler Gets in a Fight…with Himself [VIDEO]

This crazy gobbler is ready to kick some serious tail. Little does he know the gobbler he’s fighting is his reflection.

This crazy gobbler’s reaction to his own reaction is funny and informative at the same time.

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In the spring, gobblers become very territorial. Hunters pursuing them can use this to their advantage in a few different ways.

1. Call like a gobbler to kill a gobbler. Gobbler yelps, fighting purrs, and gobbles can all be used to challenge a gobbler’s dominance. They may be just the ticket to bring in a hung up or reluctant tom.

2. Jake and gobbler decoys can be killer. Jake decoys will appeal to a fired up gobbler’s territorial nature. Full strut decoys combined with real turkey fans can be used in stationary calling situations or as a tool for stalking field birds.

Using these tips may be all it takes for you to tag a crazy gobbler of your own.

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Crazy Gobbler Gets in a Fight…with Himself [VIDEO]