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Crazy Fun Marksmanship Trick Shots with Dude Perfect

Hitting a target with a handgun while hanging upside down from a rope is just one of the crazy trick shots Dude Perfect performs in this high energy episode.

Dude Perfect is a group of friends whose Go Big philosophy and raucously fun videos have made them an Internet sensation. This time the friends are putting their skills to the test with a number of different firearms on a variety of targets and ranges.

The basic video format is always the same: Create seemingly impossible or outlandishly difficult target and accuracy set-ups for any sport or game, and create super high quality, high energy videos of the friendly competition.

The result: “Dude Perfect provides genuinely enjoyable entertainment that puts smiles on people’s faces.”

With a combination of colorful, slow motion gunfire and explosions, several unusual trick shot set-ups, and a ton of positive energy and enthusiasm, you are sure to get a bang out of this video (yes, I said it…).

There’s even some wicked bullwhip action thrown in for good measure.

This latest video, Marksman Trick Shots, delivers in both entertainment and smiles.

This episode even prompted trick shot wizard 22Plinkster to comment on his Facebook page in understated admiration, “Dude Perfect ain’t half bad with a firearm.”

The Dude Perfect videos are a blast, that’s a given. But these guys are also on something of a mission.

As Cory Cotton, one of the founders of Dude Perfect and author of Go Big, says, “Go big with what you love, and use that platform for a cause greater than yourself.”

That’s a great message, and a serious one as well. But Dude Perfect proves that even a serious message can be delivered with a whole lot of fun.

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Crazy Fun Marksmanship Trick Shots with Dude Perfect