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Crazy Fish Mascot Eats a Staff Member [VIDEO]

Forget foul balls, fear the fish mascot. 

Everyone loves a good mascot, especially during a boring game. Their weird antics add a bit of comic relief or releases tension in a close match. While many professional teams have their own mascots, some minor league mascots are looking to make names for themselves with their fun, entertaining acts.

Meet "Mackerel" Jordan, a part of the Zooperstars lineup, who performed this crazy act during a Norfolk Tide game. Check out the video from Naoma Doriguzzi:

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Zooperstars offer a plethora of hirable mascots for any team or event, even the Mexican League All-Star Game in Veracruz, Mexico. Some mascot names include: "Monkey" Mantle, "Squidney" Crosby, Peyton "Manatee," and my personal favorite, Derek "Cheetah."

So if you're running a small league for kids, or just looking to add some fun to your sports party, maybe you should hire one.

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Crazy Fish Mascot Eats a Staff Member [VIDEO]