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No One Needs a Chainsaw Drone, But You Might Want One

chainsaw drone

This “killer” chainsaw drone is completely unstoppable, well, almost…

People have been attaching all sorts of wacky things to drones recently. Guns, flamethrowers and even baited fishing lines. But this group of farmers in Finland may have topped them all.

Here we have Killerdrone, a flying chainsaw! Make sure you watch this one all the way to the end to see the only thing that can stop it.

From the looks of all the snow in this video, I feel like this idea came about from an extreme case of boredom and cabin fever from being snowed in. The only practical use I can think of, aside from curing boredom and topping trees, is as a weapon during the zombie apocalypse.

This is both terrifying and pointless, but fascinating to watch at the same time. Seriously, what can anyone do to possibly top the ridiculousness that is a chainsaw drone?

But the harder they come, the harder they fall. And it’s pretty hilarious that this unstoppable-looking drone is done in by of all things, a popped balloon. Did you hear that crunch when this thing hit the ground? I can feel the hurt in the drone owner’s wallet from here!



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No One Needs a Chainsaw Drone, But You Might Want One