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Crazy (or Clever?) Russians Turn Ice Sheet Into Floating Party Pad [VIDEO]

Check out this video of some daring Russians who create a floating party.

Russia is known to produce some crazy YouTube videos, and this one definitely fits the mold.

YouTube user Anton Pankov uploaded this awesome video of himself and some friends enjoying a day on the river in an unorthodox fashion.

Watch and see for yourself…

Watch more see-it-to-believe-it videos:

After some creative auger usage, the group of friends is soon floating down the river on a sizeable, and apparently very stable, sheet of ice. It’s a full on party as the group builds a fire and enjoys some beverages.

All of us sportsmen and women can agree that enjoying time with friends in the great outdoors is one of the things that make hunting, fishing, camping, and any other outdoor pursuits so much fun.

While we here at Wide Open Spaces certainly do not condone attempting something like this yourselves, we can’t deny that it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Just add some fishing poles next time guys! Then you’ve got yourself a ‘reel’ adventure.

How do you and your friends have fun together in the great outdoors? Share some stories in the comments section!

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Crazy (or Clever?) Russians Turn Ice Sheet Into Floating Party Pad [VIDEO]