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Crazy Angler Jumps in Ocean to Land Shark [VIDEO]

This brave, or maybe crazy, angler must have really wanted to land the shark his friend hooked while fishing off some rocks on the beach.

Do not try this at home! Or in this case, do not try this at the beach!

Sharks have teeth and they often use those teeth to bite things. That includes anglers and swimmers. However, the angler in this video decided to throw caution to the wind and made a splash by leaping into the water to land a hooked shark.

After swimming around with the shark for a few seconds, the crazy angler stands up in the water to cheers of “Shark Whisperer!” from the crowd with the four to five foot shark clutched in his arms. The video cuts out shortly after that, but check it out for yourself.

For those of you wondering, the shark was later safely released back into the ocean. Check out the release in the footage below.

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We have seen some anglers do some crazy stuff to land a fish, but this one just might be one of the craziest.

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Crazy Angler Jumps in Ocean to Land Shark [VIDEO]