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22 Cool Hunting Photos from Around the Web [PICS]

Pinterest/Leann Harris

Not all hunting photos are smiling faces and big bucks.

Some of these are just plain crazy.

22. Let’s start off in lovely Canada, where this gentlemen here plans to pick off a deer at the crosswalk. Fail.

CH 1
Pinterest/Bits and Pieces


21. Some people have trouble finding the appropriate way to express themselves.

Then, there is this guy. Who obviously nails it.

CH 2
Pinterest/A 8 Sphotos


20. I would definitely put one of these in my house.

CH 3


19. Easy there pilgrim, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

CH 4
Pinterest/Kezar Photo


18. I wonder if Dad have anything to do with this…

CH 5
Pinterest/Arizona Algers Blogspot


17. That’s one way to mount your elk.

CH 6
Pinterest/Outdoor Drop


16. Neck deep!

CH 8
Pinterest/S Photos


15. Ah…the old switcharoo.

CH 9
Pinterest/Leann Harris


14. That would be just freaky to see.

CH 10
Pinterest/Dorianda Wes


13. More fun with taxidermy!

CH 7
Pinterest/Outdoor Drop


12. That’s a bad way to go.

CH 11
Pinterest/River Men Rod and Gun Club


11. Um…No comment.

CH 13

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10. I hope he mounted the buck like that, that’s incredible.

CH 14
Pinterest/Got Hunts


9. Beast.

CH 12


8. Nice albino buck caught on camera.

CH 15
Pinterest/Tim Dieman


7. “Croc skin boots for everyone!”

CH 16


6. Amazing shot.

CH 17
Pinterest/River Men Rod and Gun Club


5. Pardon me, bear?

CH 18
Pinterest/River Men Rod and Gun Club


4. That doesn’t happen every day.

CH 19
Pinterest/River Men Rod and Gun Club


3. ‘Tis the season.

CH 20


2. This fox happens to be an expert marksman.

CH 21
Pinterest/Guy Sports


1. I’m not sure what the wife will think of this one…

CH 22
Pinterest/JJ Bonner

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22 Cool Hunting Photos from Around the Web [PICS]