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This is What a Crayfish Burrito Looks Like [VIDEO]

Kim Stricker and the Hook n’ Look boys are back, and they found an insane colony of the invasive rusty crayfish.

Rusty crayfish are native to Kentucky and Ohio, specifically the Ohio River basin. However, their invasion has reached Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ontario, and parts of 17 other states.

They cause a variety of problems in local ecosystems, including the decimation of native aquatic plant life.


The rusty crayfish was probably introduced by anglers who used them for bait. Since they are bigger and more aggressive than native crayfish, populations of smallmouth bass and other predators prey on local crayfish at a faster rate than normal. This causes population declines in resident species.

Invasive species are a threat to our native waters, lands, and forests across the nation. We must all use caution to ensure non-native species aren’t introduced into the wrong environment.

Did anybody else from New York State notice all the zebra mussels attached to that old log?

It was great too see so many smallmouth bass swimming around!

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This is What a Crayfish Burrito Looks Like [VIDEO]