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Bad Weather Can't Stop This Awesome Deer Drive

This deer drive shows just how effective this tactic can be when you're looking to put a little meat in the freezer.

These hunters brave the elements to conduct a deer drive and are rewarded for their efforts with a a bunch of antlerless deer.

The action gets hot and heavy quick and there's tons of shooting. Watch the video to see how many deer are ready to be processed when the deer drive is over.

Deer drives are a common hunting tactic used to push deer from dense bedding cover where they are nearly untouchable towards waiting hunters positioned along likely escape routes. While mature bucks have often grown wise to the tactic and avoid hunters by circling back between drivers or simply holding tight as the drivers walk by, antlerless deer tend to move in a more predictable manner.

To avoid spooking deer off your hunting property, deer drives are best conducted during the last few days of the season when you have little to lose. The end result of a well-executed deer drive is often more than one deer ready to be processed and prepared for the table.

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Bad Weather Can't Stop This Awesome Deer Drive