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Fishing Underwater: Crankbait Catch and Release

fishing underwater

Check out this awesome video of a fisherman catching a fish and releasing it all while underwater!

Fishing can be challenging enough when doing it from a boat or the shore. However, that challenge wasn't enough for one angler who decided to try his hand at fishing underwater.

Armed with a spinning rod, a wetsuit, and backpack with a rock in it, the fisherman in this video descended under the surface of the water in pursuit of a catch. Check it out below!

Fishing underwater is not without its challenges. Between holding your breath and hanging onto something heavy enough to offset your buoyancy, catching a fish becomes even more difficult.

The angler in this video initially tries to hook into one of the plentiful catfish in the area, but they don't seem interested in his chicken liver bait. It's when he switches to a crankbait that things really starts to happen. After casting while above the surface, the guy in the video went underwater to reel in the lure.

In almost no time at all, he has made two successful catches.

While I don't recommend fishing underwater for everyone, it was definitely a cool feat to see accomplished. Personally, I think I'll stick to the nice, dry shore on my next fishing trip!


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Fishing Underwater: Crankbait Catch and Release