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Craftsman Designs and Builds Custom AK-47 Guitar [VIDEO]

AK47 guitar

This AK-47 guitar is definitely one of the coolest looking instruments you’ll have ever seen.

If you don’t already play guitar, you will want to after you watch this time lapse video of an AK-47 guitar being made. This awesome guitar was designed and built by designer Jimmy DiResta for the musician Wyclef Jean.

After all is said and done, the AK-47 guitar looks remarkably similar to the weapon that inspired the design.

The gold paint job and working whammy bar trigger really push this AK-47 guitar from pretty cool to absolutely badass.

Watching such a skilled designer turn an ordinary guitar into such a unique piece of art is truly remarkable.

Makes you want to go build something, doesn’t it?

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Craftsman Designs and Builds Custom AK-47 Guitar [VIDEO]