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Crabs Mid-Coitus Rudely Interrupted by Circling Sharks [VIDEO]

A National Geographic deep-water survey off the coast of Chile catches a pair of amorous crabs being bothered by a bunch of unruly sharks.

Doing it with the lights on takes on a whole new meaning when the baited camera draws in many unwanted guests.

National Geographic Engineer Eric Berkenpas is conducting a survey of sea life near the Desventuradas islands off of Chile. On one of the camera drops, the lights come up on a pair of lover-crabs. They weren't embarrassed. Far from it. They where a little miffed, though.

The lights from the camera and the bait used to attract other fish worked like a charm. Before long, the two crabs started getting cranky from all the attention they were getting.

Just goes to show that even at 500 feet below the water, you still have to worry the neighbor might drop in.

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Crabs Mid-Coitus Rudely Interrupted by Circling Sharks [VIDEO]