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Crabbing with 4WD: The Only Way to Do It, Or Not

An Australian came up with an idea to go crabbing using one ingenious tool: 4WD.

And, yes, the idea came to him and his friends while they were in a pub.

The Mingenew resident, who didn’t want to be identified, thought it would be a good idea to take his Toyota Landcruiser into a shallow river with his mates on the roof to throw out crabbing nets.

The trio ended up making it into the water and throwing out the nets, but they didn’t catch anything.

“I think we ran over more than we caught,” says the resident. The “crabbers” were lucky that the vehicle didn’t get stuck, since the tires were spinning on the riverbed.

They were also lucky in another way: if a complaint had been made, they could have been investigated for dangerous driving. So, the one good idea they had was to not reveal names. But they did post the video to their private Facebook page, so go figure.



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Crabbing with 4WD: The Only Way to Do It, Or Not