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Coyotes Grow Bolder in Western Michigan


Coyotes in western Michigan were nearly wiped out by hunters.

Today, however, the animal is making a comeback, and they are being spotted in urban areas more often.

“They’re becoming more comfortable around people in urban areas and that makes them more visible to more people,” says Mark Mills, a Wildlife Biologist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. “I think the biggest thing is people don’t expect to see them.”

Biologists say that coyotes mostly stay in forest areas. They do enter populated areas to feed on garbage. Sometimes, they do take small pets.

Officials say that there have been no reports of coyotes attacking humans in western Michigan, but they aren’t going anywhere, really. However, Mills also says that humans and coyotes can co-exist with updated management practices.

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Coyotes Grow Bolder in Western Michigan