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Coyotes Dodge the Noose in South Carolina City’s Trapping Effort

When it comes to trapping coyotes, it’s not the thought that counts.

The Isle of Palms (IOP), a community near Charleston, South Carolina, has failed to connect on its nuisance coyotes during a recent trapping effort.

Throughout the early parts of 2016 there had been a spike in reports of coyotes spotted in the IOP. By the middle of February the relatively small town already had 55 coyote sightings recorded. Without a doubt some of those were duplicate sightings of the same coyote, but it lead the city to take a step in the right direction in terms of management. They hired a trapper tasked with the job of removing the pests.

It has been slow going thought, and as of April 14, 2016 the trapper had failed to connect on a single coyote. A single opossum was removed from one set during the entire operation.

As to why the trapper is having such difficulty landing a coyote, the city believes the reason is logistical. Captain Jeffery Swain of Isle of Palms Police Department said, “Our hands are kind of tied because there’s only a certain number of places we can put traps as a city entity.”

The decision of IOP to begin trapping coyotes is just one example of a community that has finally made the right choice to manage their coyote populations. Trapping in general is under a constant attack across the nation, but cities around the country are beginning to understand its importance. Coyotes have moved into our cities with ease and have been reported to kill family pets and attack people as well.

Certain cities have chosen to ignore the rise in coyotes and have voted for measures to ban all trapping in the city. The only problem is that ignoring them won’t make them go away.

In any case, officials at the IOP still support the trapping effort despite its lack of success. Currently the city is looking to expand the area it traps to improve odds at success.



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Coyotes Dodge the Noose in South Carolina City’s Trapping Effort