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Coyote Sniped with a .338 Lapua at 1,200 Yards [VIDEO]

When you are sick of the coyote scavenger taking your deer, pets, or plants from your garden just watch this video. 

Coyotes have become an ever-present threat in rural and suburban areas. They feast on deer, wild game, pet cats, pet dogs, farmer’s produce and garbage. In some populated areas, they frequently have bad interactions with humans, attacking people or their pets at will.

Coyotes have no modern natural predators except for hunters and trappers to help keep the population in check. These hunters, using a rifle chambered in .338 Lapua cartridge, have made short work of this coyote at an amazing 1,200 yards away.


Great shooting guys and keep up the good work.

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Coyote Sniped with a .338 Lapua at 1,200 Yards [VIDEO]