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Coyote Runs into Arizona Man's House, Falls Asleep in Fireplace [VIDEO]

An unlikely home intruder ran into an Arizona man's home last week and decided to take a nap.

Scottsdale resident Johnathan Radow was on his way to work with his tea-cup terrier last Thursday when he spotted a juvenile coyote outside his home. Radow tried to chase the coyote away, but it ran inside the house. What happened next was pretty funny.

The 25-pound juvenile coyote curled up in the fireplace and passed out. Radow grabbed his gun and tried to wake the animal using maracas, but the 'yote would not wake. His neighbor came over to help, and together they threw stuff at it, but the animal wouldn't wake. When Scottsdale Police arrived, officers poked the coyote with a broom, but even still, the animal continued to count chickens in coyote sleepy land.

"It (was) not taking a nap. It's (was) in REM sleep. It's in full-on, 100 percent I-am-just-going-to-bed-and-I-had-a-long-night out kind of sleep," Radow said.

Watch the rest of the story in this video report from KPHO.



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Animal control was able to wake the slumbering coyote. They said it tested negative for rabies, and that they released it into a less populated.

The coyote likely had a hankering for Radow's tiny terrier. All things considered, Radow has taken the coyote intrusion in stride.

"It's nice to have a feel good funny story," said Radow.


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Coyote Runs into Arizona Man's House, Falls Asleep in Fireplace [VIDEO]