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Coyote Pack Captured on Trail Cam in Stunning Video

coyote pack

A coyote pack steals the spotlight in this cool trail cam capture. Try your hand at counting them!

Coyotes are known to be a pack animal, traveling, hunting, and living within a structured group system. They can also differ dramatically in color, ranging from light gray or red to white or black.

This stunning video, taken with a trail camera on the morning of September third on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, illustrates the above two points perfectly. And as you’ll see, one of these animals doesn’t look like the others!

How many coyotes can you count?

Did you spot seven? And talk about a difference in color between these animals. Six of these could very well be melanistic coyotes, meaning that they have a mutation, originally found in domesticated dogs, that turns their pelts black.

Trail cameras have a cool way of showing us a side of nature seldom seen. This video certainly doesn’t disappoint.


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Coyote Pack Captured on Trail Cam in Stunning Video