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This Coyote is No Match for These Fast Hounds

Is a coyote too fast to get a good shot?

Well, you need these finely-trained coyote running hounds.

Watch this video to see one coyote that was out classed in speed by these great hunting dogs.

Coyotes can make quite a killing out in the fields where livestock is present. These apex predators also do a number on game and non-game wild animals at will. Your pets look mighty tasty to them, also.

Coyotes sometimes need more stopping power than just firearms. Well-trained, quick on their feet coyote running hounds can fill the void in a pinch. These fast hunting dogs outclass the coyotes in speed. The killer coyote has just been owned by its domesticated canine relatives on this great video shared on Facebook by Tyler Coleman.

When traps and guns just are not enough to keep the coyote population in check, hounds might be your best answer.

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This Coyote is No Match for These Fast Hounds