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Coyote on New York Bar Roof Evades Police [VIDEO]

New York Post

A coyote proved itself the wiliest of animals by scampering onto the roof of a bar in Queens, N.Y. and dodging police.

The coyote was first spotted by onlookers who lived next to the L.I.C. Bar in Long Island City, the New York Post reports. In amateur video footage taken by witnesses, the wild canine seemed to revel in the attention, pacing across the roof and eyeing his audience.

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No one is positive how the coyote found its way to its lofty perch, but the bar owner speculates it may have reached the roof from the window of a neighboring vacant building.


Police were summoned to try and rein in the coyote, but the clever animal escaped their clutches by bounding to another roof and leaping through an open window.

Some commentators to the Post’s article speculated that the animal was not a coyote, but perhaps a coywolf, a hybrid of a wolf and coyote, or even a dog. A veterinary assistant who climbed the roof to take a closer look believes it was a coyote however, and if the animal was a dog, its behavior suggests it’s more wild than domestic.

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Some New Yorkers said they were content to leave the animal be, especially if it helped eliminate some of the city’s pesky rats and pigeons. Animal workers, however, vowed to track down the coyote.

At the time of publishing, the coyote is still at large – presumably still looking for somewhere it can enjoy a drink in peace.

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Coyote on New York Bar Roof Evades Police [VIDEO]