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Coyote Hunting at 1,000 Yards [VIDEO]

coyote hunting

It takes amazing accuracy to take a 1,000-yard shot while coyote hunting, and this hunter has it.

One thousand yards is a long, long way. It feels even longer when your target is a coyote. The hunter manages to make accurate shots on two different coyotes at that impressive range.

Any coyote hunter needs to be very comfortable with his or her rifle to dial it in at such extreme ranges.

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The hunter in this video, Travis Schneider, is shooting a Gunwerks LR-1000 rifle chambered in 7mm. If you look closely during the video, you can see the path each shot follows on the way downrange. The amount of drop that had to be accounted for is impressive, to say the least.

Coyote hunting is known for offering hunters long shots because of the terrain that coyotes often inhabit. This is especially true in the wide open spaces of the western United States.

The coyotes in this video bring new meaning to the phrase, “They didn’t even know what hit them.”

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Coyote Hunting at 1,000 Yards [VIDEO]