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Coyote Survived After Being Lodged in Bumper [PICS]

Images via Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation

This lucky coyote survives in the bumper of the truck that hit him

It was before 6:30 a.m. when Mark Armour felt a jolt in the road on his way to work as a train conductor. He says he thought he might have hit something, but couldn’t see clearly. He discovered the truth six miles later, when he arrived at the train station in Waukegan, Wisconsin, and found the small coyote he had struck on the road, injured but alive in his truck’s bumper.

“It was even more amazing he survived,” said Amber Manley, the animal control officer called to the scene. It was surprising enough that the animal was the right size to fit snugly in the narrow gap of the low-slung bumper.


Manley was dispatched to retrieve what was reported as looking like a fox that had narrowly survived a car accident. She was able to safely remove the coyote, which appeared to be in shock from its injuries, with the help of officers from the Waukegan Police Department and some animal handling equipment.

“He seemed docile,” she said.

Manley was able to get the coyote admitted to theFlint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center for treatment. There he was found to have suffered fractures in three of his legs, which were treated with antibiotics and plaster cast. The coyote, now named Vern by the center’s staff, is expected to make a full recovery. He should be ready to go back to the wild after winter. For those that want to help, the center is accepting donations to help with Vern’s recovery.

Coyote encounters are increasingly common in America’s cities and suburbs. Despite that, they’re rarely seen. Coyotes are especially good at keeping themselves hidden, emerging only at night to survive off of garbage, other urban fauna, and, when they’re very desperate, house pets. But human encounters are on the rise, with coyotes often getting the worst of it like Vern did. Though obviously it would have been better not to be hit at all, Vern is lucky to have survived.

You can find more at Huffington Post and the Lake Country News-Sun.

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Coyote Survived After Being Lodged in Bumper [PICS]