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Coyote Captured in Manhattan [VIDEO]

Flickr/Winston Wong

We knew the streets of New York were wild, but with a coyote captured in Manhattan, things are a little more wild than people thought.

It had been over two weeks since Riverside Park Administrator John Herrod first sighted the coyote. Although park officials and Animal Control knew it was there, cold weather and the coyote's elusiveness kept them from finding it. Until this past weekend.

Watch this news clip to see what happened when they finally got close enough for a capture.

For two hours, NYPD and Animal Control attempted to capture the coyote in Riverside Park in Upper Manhattan, but due to the extreme cold, the tranquilizer darts kept freezing. Trying to keep the process as humane as possible, new darts were received and the coyote was eventually cornered in a basketball court.

The coyote was hit with a tranquilizer gun around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and taken to the Animal Care and Control on Sunday, where it was given a clean bill of health by a local veterinarian. Later that same day, the coyote captured in Manhattan, nicknamed Riva by those who interacted with her, was released in the wilderness area near the Bronx.

As populations grow, coyotes are known to cause problems in urban areas due to less and less natural habitat, and apparently New York City is no different.

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Coyote Captured in Manhattan [VIDEO]