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Couple Stumbles Upon 400-Pound Gator in Southeast Texas [VIDEO]

ABC 13

A couple in southeast Texas was out walking their dog when they stumbled upon a 400-pound, 11-foot gator. 

It is warming up in Texas and that means the gators come out to be in the sun. A couple was walking their dog on their property in southeast Texas when they came across an 11-foot gator, which ended up weighing 400 pounds.

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This particular gator was pretty aggressive and professional gator catchers were called in order to wrangle the big dinosaur.

Alligators are relatively docile, as in they won't chase unless they are provoked. But the gator wranglers remind us to never feed alligators or get too close.

If provoked, alligators will charge and they can run up to 22 miles per hour on land. There are an estimated 400,000 alligators in southeast Texas.

Everything, even the gators, are bigger in Texas.

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Couple Stumbles Upon 400-Pound Gator in Southeast Texas [VIDEO]