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Couple Rescued from Wyoming Wilderness While Looking for Treasure Mine [PICS]

Park County Search and Rescue came to the aid of a couple searching for a lost treasure mine in the Wyoming wilderness. This has happened twice in three years. 

Virginians, Madilina L. Taylor and Frank Eugene Rose Jr., have been rescued twice in three years from the wilderness of Wyoming. Their most recent wilderness rescue occurred last weekend, June 14, while the pair was searching for a "lost treasure mine" along the North Fork of the Shoshone river west of Cody, Wyoming.

In the early morning hours of their expedition, Taylor fell and fractured her ankle thus requiring Rose to search for help as best he could. Due to high spring run-off, the river was too risky to cross though Rose had made attempts resulting in a lost wallet, cell phone, and wet clothing. Ultimately, his efforts paid off when he was able to communicate across the river with residents of an adjacent ranch.

The call to the Park County Communications Center requesting Search and Rescue recovery efforts came in at 11:20 a.m. to which the Park County Search and Rescue immediately responded. Taylor was eventually airlifted to St.Vincent Healthcare in Billings, Montana where she was treated for her injuries.

A rescue completed on June 26, 2013 on behalf of the couple was a result of them getting lost and wandering the same area for four days. Park County deputies strongly advised the couple not return without proper preparation and some wilderness survival education.

Rose made it clear that he and Taylor would not return to the Wyoming wilderness.

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Couple Rescued from Wyoming Wilderness While Looking for Treasure Mine [PICS]