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Country Singer Cody Johnson Drops 210-Inch Texas Monster Buck

All images via One Star Ranch

Cody Johnson, country music star, knocked down a monster buck that few have ever seen in real life. 

If you don’t know who Cody Johnson is, well, then you don’t really know country music. As a Texas country star, his name is starting to climb the charts all over the West and even starting to crack some charts in Nashville, too.

Thankfully, Johnson actually lives the lifestyle. One way you can tell is by these pictures of his recent monster buck.


Johnson was hunting on One Star Ranch, located in Throckmorton county, Texas, for five days and ten sits before finally getting an opportunity at this incredible monster buck. For most people, even seeing a deer like this is a rare opportunity, but that is what Texas hunting is all about when it comes to whitetails.

Johnson was able to put the hammer down.


With a green score of 210 inches and 16 scoreable points, this serious buck-of-lifetime is sure to be something Johnson might even write about in one of his upcoming country hits down the road.

Now that Johnson filled his tag, he is getting back on the road with his band with a full schedule all the way through February 2016.

All images via One Star Ranch


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Country Singer Cody Johnson Drops 210-Inch Texas Monster Buck