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Counter Ambush Drills from a Car Will Leave You Speechless

Watch as Viking Tactics and Kyle Lamb talk and demonstrate counter ambush drills as two shooters fight out of car to eliminate multiple threats.

Viking Tactics demo counter ambush drills that are taught in one of their professional live fire range courses which is as close to the real thing as you can get.

This is the kind of training that former special operations soldiers can provide if you go to a reputable training academy. There are many tactical range and working in high risk environment courses in the United States but it pays huge dividends to do your research and get the best in the business.

You want instructors that have real world experience and first-hand at that to teach it right. Safety is also foremost in their training and this kind of dynamic live fire drill has range safety officers, assistant safety officers and dry rehearsals prior to going live after a number of gateway training events. It is definitely training best left in the hands of professionals.

There is no-doubt you can get good range training from an instructor who was never in a combat environment but once you take it to the next level and your profession has you in high risk situations it pays to get experienced guys. You and your buddies’ very lives may depend on it.



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Counter Ambush Drills from a Car Will Leave You Speechless