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Could You Stand Your Ground Against This Gorilla Charge?

When a gorilla charges you, it’s best to have ice running through your veins.

Some things are better to have and not need, then they are to need and not have. Bear spray comes to mind. People carry this stuff into the wilderness every time for a once in a lifetime event. A lot of people who will never go into bear country know this simply as a rule of thumb.

Taking some form of self-defense into the bear woods makes sense, but you know what doesn’t make sense; what you are supposed to do if a gorilla charges you.

The general consensus from experts in the field is to stand your ground if a gorilla charges you. That’s right, if a screaming, chest-pounding, brush-thrashing wild gorilla is charging you, just stay calm and stand there.

Watch this old video footage of a man named Adrian Deshryver do his best to stay calm in the heat of the moment.

I have to say, dropping the baby gorilla seemed like a good idea to me as well.

I got onto this video after listening to a podcast in which Jim Shockey discussed what it is like to hunt in wild places like Africa. Shockey relayed the same bit of information that you simply must stand your ground in a gorilla charge. He also mentioned that chimps are far more unnerving than gorillas when encountered in the wild. Shockey stated in the podcast gorillas aren’t much to fear as they are vegetarians. Chimps on the other hand are known predators that often kill other animals.

After learning all that, would you be able to stand your ground in a gorilla charge? My guess is most of us will never get the chance to find out, but it’s nice to know just in case.

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Could You Stand Your Ground Against This Gorilla Charge?