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Could You Load a .38 Special Cartridge with Match Heads?

Is it possible to load a .38 special cartridge using match heads? 

Well the Ammo Channel sets out to try this interesting and possibly dangerous experiment.

Click here to see if match heads will actually work as a propellant in a .38 special cartridge.

First a word of warning: never ever try this at home.

Ammo Channel was curious is a .38 special cartridge could be loaded by using just match heads as propellant. This might come in handy in an event like a zombie outbreak or such occasion. An ordinary clamp was used to seat the bullet in the casing also. Will the shooter survive such an extreme experiment and will the revolver ever fire again?

Surprisingly the power appears lower than factory made powder loaded cartridges. The shooter and revolver both survived to shoot another day.


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Could You Load a .38 Special Cartridge with Match Heads?