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Could You Land One This Size with a Simple Bass Fishing Rig?

Here’s one guy that proves all you need is some good bass fishing gear to land a really big fish.

Shore fishing is a very tried and true way to find yourself battling some nice fish. Sometimes, even when we’re not on the ocean, we still find ourselves latched into some bruisers.

This guy is not only fishing off of the shore and over a fence, but latched into a brute using a nice basic bass fishing rig that we all probably have.

At first glance you think you’re watching a guy pitching a jig at some nice undercut dock area until you realize the size of the swirl after he hooks up. Wherever this is you can’t mistake universal language like “oh my God; wow!”, “it’s a big one” and the one armed fist-pump.

All that size on a rig that looks like it could be any good flipping rig with a nice heavy action rod, spooled up with some quality line! Watch him heft it out of the water it easily looked like a 20-25 pounder.

Congratulations to this fearless shore fisherman and even more so for the great catch and release!



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Could You Land One This Size with a Simple Bass Fishing Rig?