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Cougar Seen Near Boise Junior High School

Cougar Seen Near Boise Junior High School

Local residents notified the Idaho Department of Fish & Game as well as local police about a cougar they spotted near a Boise Junior High School on Monday. 

Specifically, they received a report of a mountain lion sighting in the city of Boise near the intersection of South Intercon Way and East Grand Forest Drive. This is just a short distance from Les Bois Junior High School as well as Trail Wind Elementary School.

Officers from the Boise Police Department and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game responded to the call. However, they were not able to confirm the mountain lion sighting. Even so, officers remained on station for part of the day as a precaution. They also notified the two nearby schools of the mountain lion sighting and asked them to be on the lookout as well.

Any residents who see a mountain lion in the area are asked to keep their distance from the animal and call 911 immediately. Keep tabs on small pets and children. Additionally, they advise facing the animal while making loud noises and waving your arms. If attacked, you should fight back.

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Cougar Seen Near Boise Junior High School