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Cougar Breaks Into Man's House, Destroys Everything [PICS]

An adolescent cougar break-in caused a massive amount of damage to a man's house.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.12.34 AMImages via: Imgur

Young cougars are playful. They're still growing into their big ears and paws, and after leaving their mothers they're on the hunt for a new place to call home. From,

After leaving its mother, an adolescent cougar becomes a transient, wandering through the established home ranges of older lions in search of territory left vacant by the recent death or departure of the previous resident.

I suppose this cougar was hoping that whoever wasn't home at the time wasn't coming back! Not much information is available about the homeowner, or where exactly this happened in the US, but you can bet that if cougars are native to your area they're only one swipe of the sliding door away from making your house their home.

Check out this slideshow to see the aftermath.


The Damage

Oh my. It looks like someone was hungry, but didn't know how to get the cabinets open.

"Hello, new friend!"

"Would you like to come and play with me??" As adorable as he may be, that beast could knock you out with one swipe of his paw.

So Much For Your New Window Treatments

Looks like that interior decorator is going to have to come back over.

The Point of Entry

This is how he likely got in, but at this point we believe Animal Control had been called.

Night, Night

A sleepy guy, he was likely tranquilized to be moved back to his natural environment.

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Cougar Breaks Into Man's House, Destroys Everything [PICS]