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Cougar Attacks Horse in Kansas

cougar attacks horse
By Olivia Danielle Ruiz - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

An Augusta resident has reported a cougar attack on a prize show horse at a Kansas ranch.

Sally Bannon returned to her ranch on the 17th September to find one of her prize show horses had been mauled by a mountain lion.

The horse, valued at $55,000.00 was found by one of her employees, flipped on its back and caught partially under a fence. With claw marks and scratches to its chin and hips and bite marks on the horse’s front legs, the animal was lucky to be alive. The final proof that the culprit was a cougar was the discovery of a broken-off claw embedded in the halter.

Bannon indicated that cougars continue to be a big problem in their area, with multiple sightings over the last couple of years. She had this to say:

“They don’t need to be around here, they are out of their habitat. They are killing so many deer.”

Ms. Bannon has reported the attack to wildlife officials, and it is not yet confirmed that they have followed up with her on the incident.


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Cougar Attacks Horse in Kansas