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Costa Sunglasses Wants You to "Tagalong" on a Shark Expedition


Enter Costa Sunglasses "Tagalong" sweepstakes for chance to win a trip to help tag a great white shark!

The threat of sharks in the water have terrified beach goers since the beginning of time. The fear of possibly being eaten by a great white shark has terrified even more since Jaws hit the big screen, but Costa is trying to change that.

What most people don't realize is that the odds you will ever be attacked or encounter a shark is one in 3,748,067. You have greater odds of being struck by lightning then feeling the tear of their teeth in you leg.

If you are one of the brave few who actually want to beat those odds for an up close encounter with one of the world's deadliest sharks, then Costa sunglasses's latest contest might be for you.

They have teamed up with OCEARCH, a group of scientist and explorers dedicated to studying sharks, to give one lucky person and a guest the trip of lifetime to help them tag great white sharks.

The grand prize winner will receive a seven-day shark tagging trip including:

  • Air fare and accomadations for you and a guest
  • Three nights as an expedition crew member aboard M/V OCEARCH
  • 3 additional nights to relax in Nantucket, MA
  • 2 Explorer's Gear Packs
  • 2 GoPro Hero Session Cameras
  • $500 in spending cash

To enter the contest simply go to, answer the daily shark quiz question, and submit your information.  You can enter daily to increase your odds of winning until the contest ends at midnight on August 15, 2016. I think it is really great that Costa is doing a contest like this to show just how important a role sharks play in the ocean's ecosystems. It will also be a great feeling to the winner to know that they could possibly be helping scientist and researchers everywhere gather new information to help shed some light on this still mysterious apex predator of the deep.


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Costa Sunglasses Wants You to "Tagalong" on a Shark Expedition