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How to Correctly Pattern Your Home Defense Shotgun

home defense shotgun

A home defense shotgun needs to be correctly patterned to be effective, and here’s how to do it.

The shotgun is one of the best choices for a home defense weapon. They are reliable, powerful, and don’t require pinpoint accuracy to be effective. The home defense shotgun also comes with an intimidation factor in both looks and the sound of a shell being chambered.

However, if your shotgun is not correctly patterned, it becomes a much less effective home and self-defense option.

Learn more about how to correctly pattern your home defense shotgun by watching the video below.

Luckily, the process is fairly straight forward and is not difficult to figure out at all. The main things it comes down to are ammo selection and learning how your shotgun fires your chosen ammo.

With a little research and time spent at the range, you will have a correctly patterned home defense shotgun that you can rely upon if the situation ever calls for it. Preparation and practice are key in order to maintain your skills in a pressure-filled situation.


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How to Correctly Pattern Your Home Defense Shotgun